Monday, May 14, 2012

*Birthday Dinner*

Our home-made birthday dinner, took me a few hours to make dessert but I was able to whip up the main dish in about 30 minutes.

Spaghetti Aglio, Olio, e Peperoncino,
I found the recipe here
*I added spinach leaves, Parmesan cheese & grilled chicken after adding spices. The spinach steamed nicely, the flavors all blended nicely.

Gorgonzola Garlic Bread,
recipe here

Bastard Sangria,
can be made with red wine or grape juice

And last but not least the amazing desert I am pretty proud of. I can't believe I pulled it off, but it was delicious.

Layered Lemon Tart
recipe here
*Lucky for me I had just bought a food processor and was able to make the whole recipe using just that magical machine & a sauce pan...lovely!

Leftovers are going to taste oh so yummy!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Slow but steady excitment in April & May

I've had a few uneventful weeks. The only excitement consisting of play dates with my friend Danielle, her handsome little man and Veggietales. Justin has been gone for the past 4.5 weeks & will be gone for the next two as well for training, preparing for deployment and all that jazz. The weeks get a little lonely & quiet but thankfully he is home every weekend. I have never appreciated weekends as much as I do now and I have found a new view on life in general since marrying Justin. My life is completely different from what I ever imagined it would end up being. I appreciate all the little things, but sadly have become a little intolerant of women who's lives falls apart if their husbands are gone just one night or heaven forbid a whole day to a 9-5 grateful he has a job in this economy!! Enough of my venting... On to my craftiness!

 I finally put together my family photo wall, and sadly even with all my cute frames the wall looks slightly ghetto...but I think I'm stuck with that.
I still need to add 1-2 gold frames on the left (there is an ugly little space between the gold and the brown frames) My OCD has kicked in and I can't help it!!
In other crafty news: I whipped up a cute little drawstring bag to store a game of Dominoes... Now to buy the actual Dominoes

And I am in the middle of a super cute sewing project. I found an adorable tutorial for baby girl pinafores & I decided I just HAD to make one...I know plenty of mamas expecting a little girl... Don't I? Or maybe I'll just start hoarding baby girl outfits in hopes of one day having my very own little dress up baby haha.

This is Maggie's pinafore she made for her little girl:  Little Girls Pinafore
I went to Jo-Ann fabric as soon as I found this pinafore tutorial... But as soon as I stepped in I was overwhelmed with all the cute patterns. And one thing I have come to hate about myself is my indecisiveness & let me tell you, you can't walk out of that store with just one fabric!! So what did I do? Got two sets of fabric masterpieces...HAH take that indecisiveness!
My horribly lit living room doesn't do either of these dresses justice, but trust me... they are CU-U-UTE!!
And the amazingness of these little dresses? They grow with your little Diva, they look adorable as shirts with leggings!
*I still need to sew the finishing edging, make the button holes & sew on the cute buttons.
But don't worry, I will post my finished project!

 Next on my list you ask? The ruffled diaper covers to peek out of these adorable little dresses.

Stalk me later Lovers <3

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Conversion to Blogging

I was told by a friend that I needed to start a blog, so I have now joined the blogging world. HELLO WORLD, I am Audrey hear me roar!
I've been debating on what I would actually blog about, I don't have the most exciting life. My goal is to become more interesting and live a more exciting life haha.

Most of my blogs will most likely consist of favorite recipes, sewing projects, and authors/books I am obsessed with.

Hope all you friends find my stories entertaining. Love you all!